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Troop 567 is a general interest troop.  Troop meetings focus on skills instruction, games, rank advancement and merit badge work.  Monthly outings include campouts, backpacking trips, hikes, service projects, and special events. 

We are a Scout-run troop and rely on our junior leaders and the patrol method to teach leadership skills. Adults are present in the way the troop is run, but the majority of the planning and organization is done by the scouts.

Scouts are divided up into groups called patrols, generally by age. Each patrol is led by a patrol leader and assistant patrol leader, both elected by the scouts in the patrol. The troop also has various other positions of leadership, such as Senior Patrol Leader and Instructor.

Troop leadership meets in a monthly meeting called the PLC, the Patrol Leaders' Council. Here, the scouts plan for the next month's meetings, like what instruction and games are to be done, as well as planning for any monthly activities. The scouts decide how the meetings and campouts are run.

The troop also does its yearly planning once every year. During this, the whole troop votes on what events to have each month. Events suggested and voted through have included white-water river rafting, skiing, and the U.S.S. Midway.

The troop runs meetings every Monday.

We have two separate troops, our boy troop and girl troop. This means that both boys and girls are welcome in our troop. 

Troop Meetings
When: Mondays 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Where: The Fount Church
18225 Bushard Street
 Fountain Valley, CA

Current Troop Membership
Active Scouts = 58
Scout: 18
Tenderfoot: 9
Second Class: 6
First Class: 3
Star: 3
Life: 11
Eagle: 4
Active Adult Leaders (ASMs) = 18

Troop History
We are celebrating 50 years of Scouting in January of 2024. We have plans to celebrate our birthday and would love for past scouts and leaders to join us. Our troop meets at The Fount. Our troop membership consists of families from Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Westminster, Orange and Santa Ana, representing a variety of religious affiliations and schools.

 Troop 567 is active in Pacifica District events, including Camporee and Camperall, as both participants and staff. We have a strong fundraising program and have been among the top District popcorn sellers since 2004.

Troop Leadership
Since Troop 567 is a Scout-run group, there is an opportunity for all of the Scouts to gain leadership experience as they grow within Scouts. Elections are held twice a year, in December and June, which provide opportunities for new leadership positions within the Troop and within the Patrols.
These leadership positions include Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Instructor, Quartermaster, Historian, Librarian, Webmaster, Scribe, and more.

Key adult leadership positions are typically held for a period of 2-3 years. We welcome new leaders who will transition in with Webelos. There are also many volunteer opportunities available for all parents. There are positions that fit everyone's interested needs.

Parental Involvement:

Scouting operates to a large extent through parent volunteers. Previous scouting involvement is not required. The Troop needs leaders and parent volunteers to assist the scouts in planning activities, attending activities, as well as leaders and interested parents to help mentor and guide the Scouts.


Troop 567 performs two troop fundraisers per year with a minimum troop requirement.  All fundraising beyond the minimum is applied to the child's “Scout Account” and is used for funding scout attendance at events including campouts and summer camp. Each year scouts sell popcorn and camp cards to meet their yearly fundraising goals.

Troop 567 Fees:

Troop 567 will be charging an ~$175 fee for 2022/2023.  For new scouts, this includes a name patch for their uniform, a Class B T-shirt and a patch for a bag.  Camping fees generally range from $15-35 (Covering food and facilities).  Summer camp is generally around $550, but Emerald Bay for 2023 is around $1,000.

Planned Events for 2023

  • Camping (Calico Ghost Town, Vasquez Rocks, Silverwood Lake, Newport Dunes)
  • Philmont (Advanced Backpacking Trip)
  • Summer Camp (Emerald Bay)
  • Kern River Rafting
  • Vista Tractor Show
  • RocStock (Model Rocketry)
  • Our Troop's 50th Birthday Party

Camporee is a time where all of our scouts get to camp and meet other scouts in our council. They work with their patrols to compete in both scout skills and other fun challenges.
Summer Camp and Jamboree
Scout Summer Camp is an important experience for all Scouts. We attend camp as a Troop and strongly encourage participation by all Scouts.
2023: 27 Scouts attending Summer Camp at Camp Emerald Bay (Catalina)
2022: 29 Scouts attending Summer Camp at Camp Bighorn at Circle X Ranch
2021: 24 Scouts attending Summer Camp at Camp Bighorn at Circle X Ranch
2020: 24 Scouts attending the Troop 567 COVID-19 Survivor Day Camp
2019: 18 Scouts attending Summer Camp at Camp Emerald Bay (Catalina)
2018: 18 Scouts attending Summer Camp at Circle X Ranch in Lake Arrowhead.
2017: 23 Scouts attended Summer Camp at Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, San Diego.
2016: 24 Scouts attended Summer Camp at Mataguay Scout Ranch in San Diego County.
2015: 21 Scouts attended Summer Camp at Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, San Diego.
2014: 30 Scouts attended Summer Camp at Chawanakee in Central California.
2013: 24 Scouts attended Summer Camp at Circle X Ranch and 12 Scouts attended National Jamboree which was held at the same time as Summer

High Adventure & Ventures
Troop 567 Scouts range in age from 10-17. Younger Scouts stay busy with rank advancement and campouts. Older Scouts continue with these things, getting requirements done and participating in campouts, but also venture on to do higher level events, like backpacking trips, earn merit badges, and take on leadership roles.

Troop 567 has High Adventure program for Scouts and will be sending a crew to Philmont Scout Reservation in June of 2023. Troop 567 has sent crews to Crater Lake National Park in 2018, Philmont in 2006, 2008, 2012, and 2014 and scaled Mt. Whitney in Summer 2007.

Family Scouting:

Troop 567 welcomes all Scouts, including girls, and looks forward to working jointly with families on the trail of this next great scouting adventure. 

Upcoming Open House / Event Dates

Stay tuned as our open house will be in early December and late January, HOWEVER please feel free to come by any of our Troop meetings that we have every week Monday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Coordinate a visit by email at jointroop567bsa@gmail.com. or just stop by! 

Service to others is an important part of Scouting. We have monthly service projects for those who want to help others. We have helped our communities in conservation related projects such as garden cleanups, park and nature area rehabilitations, and beach cleanups. We also help with the annual Ride to the Flags event, where we place flags and celebrate veterans, and more.

Troop 567 Digital Archive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n0Y9f8wiATHf9vBZ4qFqXPpIjnZsVW7d?usp=sharing

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